Time To Get Organized!

So I went a little crazy buying crafty goodies this holiday season.  I bought a little for other folks which justified me buying something for my self.  I’ve been working on my craft organization and since I’ve been putting my goodies away today I thought I would share my organization ideas.

First let’s start with my cardstock index.  I keep A2-size cardstock sample pieces of all of my cardstock except Amuse which is on its own ring.  So all of my Stampin Up (current and retired), PTI, and other cardstocks are on one ring.  It works really well when I am trying to match patterned paper with cardstock and it keeps me from pulling out 4 different colors of full-sized cardstock and then have to put them all back.  I like the A2-size since it gives you a good feel of what the full size card will look like.

The next thing I have done was to itemize my ink.  I have A LOT of ink.  Not sure why but I keep collecting different inks so keeping track of them was becoming difficult.  Especially whether I needed reinkers for any of them.  So I made up a chart where I can stamp the ink with the same stamp and mark down if I have full size pad, cube and reinker for each ink color.  Then it’s easy to pick which ink I want to use with my cardstock and whether to go with dye or pigment ink.  It also gives me a good idea on how the ink coverage will be when I stamp.  I’ve separated the colors by color categories and have put them in 8 1/2 ” by 11″ sleeves and then combined them all on 2 rings so it’s more like a binder.

After my ink index I have my punch index in the same binder (both shape, border and image punches).  It’s nice to see them all together so I can choose what image I want to use instead of having to go digging through them.  I also like having the shape (circle and square) punches with holes so that I can overlay them over an image and check that I have the right size.  I need to do this with my dies but haven’t got there yet.

I have another half-size binder with my embossing powders, stickles, glimmer mists, glitters, and flocks indexed.   I have found it invaluable when trying to figure out what color hue will work.  It’s not the same color when it dries as it is in the bottle.  Love having it!  I also like having the embossing powder on both white and colored cardstock to see if it changes the appearance.  For each main color category I have 1 or more pages for the following categories: glitter/flock, embossing powders, glimmer mists, stickles/vivid gel.  I am only showing the first 2 pages for green, but you get the idea for what the stickles and mists pages would look like.

Okay on to my stamping organization.  I know I’m not the first to mention any of these ways to store clear and cling stamps.  I’m just showing what works for me.  I’ve combined several different methods to be able to keep most of them in binders.  My storage for clear stamp sets include 8.5 by 11 scrapbook sleeves, CD sleeve sheets, and photo pages.  The photos below show them in the same order.  For the really thick cling stamps I’ve ended moving them into DVD cases since they add too much bulk to the binders.  Also I use zippered binders to make sure no loose stamps fall out when I take the binders off the shelves.  The stamps are organized in the binders by categories such as holidays, sentiments, florals and backgrounds.

Lastly, I took on a huge undertaking and have indexed all of my stamps.  I have all of the sets on a separate copy paper sheet and all of my individual stamps combined on copy paper sheets according to categories.  I also have a separate index for my sentiment stamps.  This means that for sentiments, I stamp them on to the set index sheet and also on the appropriate sentiment index sheet.  Some of the sentiments are in duplicate places like a love sentiment  can go under love and wedding categories.  It took a LONG time and I’m glad I’m done with it.  The index is really handy when you are trying to find a specific image or wanting to get some ideas using several stamp sets at one time.  Lastly, it is also useful to see if there are any potential problems with stamping the image….such as the stamp has a wide rubber margin which leaves an impression when you stamp.    The first photo is of my stamp set index sheet for 2010 Holiday Tags from Papertrey Ink.

The next photo is one of my sentiment – Thank You  index sheets.

The next photo is of my single image index sheet.   This index sheet is for images related to Christmas.

And finally last topic to discuss is how I store my ink cubes more often than my large ink pads.  So I wanted an easy way to access them.  I also have mostly dye inks in cubes so I also wanted to be able to lay them face down for storage.  I got some cases from Joanns that provide easy access, lots of space, and can easily be rotated upside down without the inks being disturbed.  Here is my blue and purple ink cube storage.  I have 4 of these trays for all of my ink cubes.

If you have any questions about this long post, please leave me a comment and I’d be happy to respond.  Hope you have a great day!


13 responses to “Time To Get Organized!

  1. Wow. That’s pretty much all I can say. I love all your ideas, and can see how this would be really useful. Someday, I will possible get half way to where you are!

  2. Fantastic, some great ideas to take away. I love the ink/glitter/stickles/embossing powder ideas! It must have taken an age but must be so nice to be organised 🙂

  3. Great job. You have definitely inspired me.

  4. You are definitely organized. I have some work to do. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Victoria Nelson

    Kristie, I was laughing out loud at your post because all I kept saying to myself is “I have that! And that! And that! And…” our tastes really are similar! And, I love your organization system too. In fact, it is very similar to what I do. I just happen to have mine on index cards. I liked that you went so far as to catalog your embossing powders, stickles and such. I have not done that yet, but it is a really smart idea. I like what you’ve done with your clear and cling stamp cataloging and storage. For cataloging I have been either photocopying the set or printing a page off the internet and storing the sheets in a binder. Right now the non-PTI sets are just stored in clear scrapbook boxes; my PTI sets are in their CD cases alphabetized in those “Really Useful Boxes.”

  6. You have inspired me! After reading your blog I started organizing all of my supplies too. I am currntly working on my index. I combined all of my supplies in one book (cricut carts, stamps, punches, inks etc) Still looking for the binders to use for my cling stams though. I guess it will be a work in progress! Thanks for the great tips!

  7. WOW!! I am researching how to organize and index my stamps and supplies. You have some really great ideas! Would you mind sharing the index sheet you created for your inks, markers, and refills. I would love to use your idea! Again, I am awed by your accomplishment!!

    joyfuljan at bellsouth dot net

  8. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Lori hunter Hawkins

    OMG! I want to be you when I grow up. Your ideas are really great. Will attempt to get organized this year and can start with your ideas. Thanks again for sharing. 😉

  10. Virginia Molter

    This article is full of FABULOUS ideas. I’ve thought of several of your organizing solutions, but now that I see them in action I’m totally inspired to follow through. Thank you for sharing your ideas and implementation. All I need now is the implementation step.

  11. Denise Ferguson

    Great ideas! I think I will start switching to small ink pads also!

  12. Just what I have been looking for. I am definitely going to use your organizing examples, thank you!!

  13. Sandy Rasmussen

    Great info. Thanks

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