Love My New Paper Racks!!

I am really sad that all of the Paper Zone stores (all 8 are located in the Pacific NW).  But I have thoroughly been taking advantage of them selling off everything including their fixtures.  When the first announcement went out I bought a lot of my favorite papers that they carry (shimmer and silk cardstock).  But now that they are selling their fixtures I have made some fantastic scores that satisfy my recent focus on organization.  This post is focused on the 2 new racks and 1 accessory bin that I got and promptly filled last night.   I had so much fun…..who would think I would be almost as happy with these purchases as I am with a great new stamp set and die.  I liked them both so well that I promptly went back and got 2 more.  If you are wondering how much I paid for them they were $25 for each rack and $15 for the accessory bin, so $65 total.  I know I could have bought a lot of crafting supplies but I love the easy access I now have and that since they are acrylic shelves they don’t make the already small office seem smaller.  Hope you are having a great weekend!  As always if you need to ask me a question about anything you can always leave me a comment.

View of both new racks pushed together with my most used accessories on the top.   The new accessory bin is on the right side with the copics and SU markers already in it.

Close up of one of the racks.  My hanging file holder next to it holds my SU 12 by 12 cardstock.

The last photo is a close up of the accessory bin that holds my copic pens, SU markers and my cardstock indexes and my accent index (see my previous post).


4 responses to “Love My New Paper Racks!!

  1. Would love to find some of those bins over here.

  2. Loving your new organisation, so envious of the paper racks!

  3. Victoria Nelson

    You did score some great units. I wish they had those when I was there, but again, I have no idea where I would have put them in my craft room. Still, I like how you’ve set them up. You do have great access to your most frequently used supplies.

  4. I love your new paper racks too! What a wonderful crafting space. Enjoy!

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