Playing With Acrylic Paint

Since I had so much playing with acrylic paint for the most recent Papercrafts Magazine submission call I wanted to show you another direction you can go with acrylic paint.  I made a candle holder with acrylic paint and a large background stamp.  It was pretty easy….you just need a steady hand so that the stamp impression doesn’t get smudged.  Acrylic paint on glass is also very forgiving since you can also wash it off and start over.  If you want to make sure it stays on glass you will need to either seal it with a sealer or it says to let it set for 21 days.  I would go the sealer route personally since I have washed paint off when I wasn’t thinking about it on other projects.

Here’s the project.   Clean your candle holder well before you start and make sure it’s completely dry.  Put paint on your background stamp with either a brush or sponge (light touch on the paint works better).  Then roll the candle holder over the stamp that lays face up on the table.  Let it dry.  Simple and fun….give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by….


  • Clear glass candle holder (Michaels)
  • Paint: Tiger Lily and Fruit Punch Pearl Paint (Martha Stewart)
  • Stamps:  Leaf and Floral Background (Hero Arts)
  • Accessories:  Rhinestones (Recollections)

5 responses to “Playing With Acrylic Paint

  1. So pretty! Never even thought of doing this, it would make fabulous gifts and you could add stamped candles too!

  2. Victoria Nelson

    That is so cool, Kristie! I love the colors you chose. I never would have thought to try that –very clever!

  3. This is stunning. I can’t believe it is as easy as you say….

  4. Really great idea, great use of acrylic paint, thanks for sharing with us!

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