PTI July Blog Post – when things go wrong

Ever have those cards that you really would like to throw in the garbage?  Well this one is mine, but since I am out of time (12:17 am the night before the blog hop and I’ll be working tomorrow) this is going to have to be my card for the blog hop.  Please forgive me…because it is an awful card.    The PTI blog hop inspiration is the photo below.

What went wrong….1) missed my placement of the grass along the edge of the card and tried to fix it, check; 2) used harvest gold cardstock which made the floral colors look washed out or just not true to the color I wanted, especially melon berry, check; and 3) went to stamp the sentiment and did it crooked, check.  Definitely cringe-worthy!   So no wasted jewels on this junk…save my embellies for a worthier card.  Card supplies are at the bottom.

Hope you are having a blissful day! Thanks for stopping by….


  • Cardstock: Harvest Gold (Papertrey)
  • Stamps: Daydreamer, Floral Fusion, Think Big Favorites #12 (Papertrey)
  • Ink: Simply Chartreuse, Berry Sorbet, Melon Berry, and Summer Sunrise (Papertrey)

18 responses to “PTI July Blog Post – when things go wrong

  1. The concept is great. I know exactly what you mean, though. I had the same experience just the other day when an idea in my head didn’t translate well, no matter what I tried. I really do love the composition of the card and the variety of flowers. I think if you just changed the card base to a lighter yellow or even white, you’d be good to go!

  2. Ack, we’ve all been there with creating a card that’s not our favourite. Personally, I almost always use a soft neutral for stamping colours onto (white, off white, etc.) and for the grass, I would just trim that off.
    Great grouping of flowers, though! They’re so pretty!

  3. Ummm, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve wanted to throw away a card…. Actually, I like your card! The colors of the flowers would definitely stand out more on a different background, but I think your layout with all those beautiful blooms is lovely. I giggled when I saw your ‘About Me’ description at the top, since it reminds me of myself – crafting when everyone is asleep. hee hee. 😉

  4. I second Cheryl’s comment! You are SO close to pleasing yourself with this card!!

  5. Aw, I definitely do the same things sometimes…i think we all get sentiments crooked here & there! Don’t be so hard on yourself, its not terrible! You could always trim your flowers into a rectangular block, then remount on a new card base. That way you can stamp a new sentiment below 🙂

  6. Even with all the flaws that you see, This card still caught my eye in the linky display. I would love to see it again. 🙂

  7. Even with everything that you told us went wrong, the rounded corner is perfect for the card design. I agree with the others, stamping the flowers on a neutral base would make a big difference.

  8. I, too, like the concept. I agree that the only thing I would do different is to stamp the images onto a neutral card base. Good job!

  9. A beautiful card and that stamp set is needs to come off my wish list and home to me.

  10. Angela Branon

    Gorgeous field of flowers. I love it.

  11. I think we all have our “off” days of stamping!! It doesn’t look as bad as you think though!

  12. ah, when bad cards happen to good people . . . I don’t think this is bad – I LIKE the softer colors you have from stamping on the colored cardstock and I think the composition is great. Restamp the sentiment on a scrap piece of carstock, cut a fishtail banner and cover up the crooked sentiment and this is a great card (and yes, I have covered a crooked sentiment like this a time or two).

  13. I’ve totally been there – but I’ve been too scared to post – so extra points to you for that! I do love the concept of this card – maybe you can try it again 🙂

  14. Love your card. Your background color caught my eye.

  15. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself! I think you did a great job!

  16. I’ve been there a hundred times!! I love the flowers you used and yellow backgrounds always make me happy! I am so glad you posted your card anyway!! Don’t be so hard on yourself…there will be somebody who comes along who will appreciate this card just because you made it!

  17. Victoria Nelson

    I think your card turned out lovely, despite your challenges! I wouldn’t have even noticed the flubs if you hadn’t mentioned them! And you didn’t even do any embossing on this card? I think the colors are still vivid even though they are up against the Harvest Gold!

  18. Love your choice of stamp set ~ if I actually had time to stamp, this would have been the set I chose. I agree with Leigh, you could just trim off part , of the grass. You could also restamp your sentiment and cut it out and place it over the slightly crooked one. Perhaps you would then find it bling worthy. Can you tell I have had LOTS of mistakes to fix on my cards?

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