Papertrey March 2013 Blog Hop

The March PTI Blog Hop challenges us to use sequins.  Boy was that a challenge.  I have them but have been a reluctant user.  I like how the card turned out but keep on worrying that the sequins are going to pop off.  So far so good.  Challenges are supposed to make you stretch yourself….check that off for yesterday.  It was a stretch, but a good one.  Happy Monday!


Hope you are having a blissful day! Thanks for stopping by….


12 responses to “Papertrey March 2013 Blog Hop

  1. dynamo! love that orchid sequin color!

  2. Love this card and your color combination. Using your sequins for the pop of color was genius!

  3. Your photo turned out great! I was thinking of our weekend too when I posted mine and how we both agonized over our sequin projects! Does it surprise you that the first thing I put away when I got home was the sequin container? Hid it far in the back of the cupboard! LOL.

  4. Stunning clean & simple – perfect color match on the ink & sequins make for an amazing card!

  5. Love the colors you chose. They look great together.

  6. Beautiful design, Kristie! I love how the purple sequins and sentiment just pop against the background. What a cool, modern color scheme!

  7. Wow, wow, wow! The mix of the grey and purple is fantastic!!! Dot Spot is one of my all time favorite sets!! Great card!

  8. This is a real eyecatcher. Love the sequins combined with the mod doilies.

  9. Great greys. Also a fan of the pops of lilac.

  10. Love your card, it caught my eye. Simple yet eye-catching!

  11. Wow, this is wonderful eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

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