Xyron and Teresa Collins Blog Hop!

I received the loveliest goodies from Xyron and Teresa Collins for this blog hop!  The Xyron / Teresa Collins Sticker Maker turns any pretty cardstock piece into a sticker.  You can make a sticker out of anything that will fit within the 1.5 inch opening….which covers most items.  It’s so easy to do!   And Teresa Collins sent the perfect source for all my stickers, a 6 by 6 Daily Stories paper pad.  Xyron also sent 1/4 and 1/2 double-sided tape.  The Xyron double sticky tape includes an edge to allow you to cut the tape to the desired length.

Besides my white card bases, I didn’t use anything other than the Daily Stories paper pad, the Sticker Maker, and Xyron’s double-sided tape on all these cards. Okay…let’s get to the cards.  I made several so here we go.  The first one is probably my favorite one.


I covered my card base with the striped pattern paper.  I made stickers out of the band of gold, fussy cut flowers, and trimmed “hello” sentiment and attached them to the card.


This second card drove me nuts.  Where the first one fell together easily….this one started and stopped several times.  I had a vision of using layers of fussy cut scalloped borders to create a soft, textured background.  But it didn’t look good…in fact it looked dreadful.  So I put it down and walked away from it for a few days.  But I liked it better when I cut it down to use as an accent strip on this card.  My card base started with a bold gold and white striped background (recognize that gold stripe from the first card?).  I added fussy cut flower stickers and a sentiment sticker for the rest of it.


So the previous card scared me from a more complicated look so I went running back to this clean and simple card design.  I loved the tags that are included in the Daily Stories collection…it makes a card so easy to put together.


And how about one more clean and simple card.  The minty green polka dot paper was attached to the white card base with the Xyron double sticky tape.  I created a sticker out of the heart strip.  I attached the sentiment to the prepared card base with the Xyron double sticky tape.


So here’s my last one!  I used the double sticky tape to attach the sentiment block and mat.  I used the Sticker Maker to make stickers out of the thin diagonal stripe strip and the flower accent.  The flower accent was punched out from one of the pattern papers.

Well that’s it….hope you enjoyed my take on making stickers from pattern papers.  It was a breeze!


One response to “Xyron and Teresa Collins Blog Hop!

  1. Love the scalloped card. The others are gorgeous and look simple to make!

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