Papertrey’s 2014 SAF meet and greet

I am so ready for Papertrey’s Stamp-a-faire this weekend.  A whole weekend of watching wonderful videos for cardmaking inspiration, hanging out with my fabulous friend Victoria, getting some great quality girl time, and a class of wine or two.

I live in Portland, Oregon and Victoria is heading down from Seattle, Washington in the morning.  So I’ve been cleaning up the house and craft room.  Both house and craft room are usually a disaster since there is never enough time in a day with 2 youngish boys and a husband who’s gone all week.  But for this weekend, I sent the men/boys away and Victoria and I have a quiet, peaceful house to ourselves.  Bliss!


So here is a photo of my craft room…all cleaned up and ready to go.  Not sure if we will end up crafting her or at the dining room table since there will be a lot more room at the dining room table to spread out supplies.

Hope you have a wonderful time at SAF!  Happy crafting!


One response to “Papertrey’s 2014 SAF meet and greet

  1. So excited to see another Portland SAF participant! Have fun!

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