Card from CardMaker’s Summer Magazine

CardMaker’s Magazine Summer edition is now available and I wanted to share one of the cards that is in this edition.  You can see more about CardMaker’s summer edition here.


I started making this card without a clear thought of what the sentiment was going to be.  But by the time I was done creating the main panel and sentiment frame I had decided it had to be a pretty special occasion to match the decorative style of the card.   I ultimately made it for my parents’ 50th anniversary.  It’s their monogram on the card below the sentiment.  However, the card is going to be sitting around for a while since my parents 50th anniversary is still not for a few years yet.  How’s that for being prepared?

I am showing 2 views of the card; one that shows the completed card and the second that shows the shimmer of the art deco background.  Hope you are having a great week!  Happy crafting!


Happy 50th Anniversary



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